PaddleBoard Route Maresme

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Guided by a qualified instructor, thus route is a chance to enjoy a sport with more and more fans. Navigate at your own pace through the calm waters of the Maresme and enjoy the sensation of walking on the water. Paddle surfing is a very easy sport to learn; it is accessible to all ages and does not require any special physical ability.

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We offer you a unique experience in a paradise of hidden beauty spots, shoals of fish and crystal clear waters. While paddle surfing you’ll enjoy the feeling of escape, of walking on the surface of the sea,  exploring the coast and seeing the scenery from a different angle, and, at the same time, being able to look down on the seabed.

The activity consists of a paddleboard or SUP route along the coast of the Maresme.

Experience is not necessary; the level of difficulty is low. This is an activity suitable for everyone and the outing includes all the necessary equipment. All you have to do is enjoy the scenery.

Departures every day and all year round from Montgat beach. This is a group activity guided by a qualified instructor.


  • You’ll become more self-reliant with the board in and out of the water
  • You’ll learn to move safely
  • You’ll increase your aerobic capacity and muscular endurance
  • You’ll develop your sense of balance
  • You'll have a great time doing sport and looking after your health


Meeting point


You can do your surfing lesson on any day from Monday to Sunday between 10 am and 7 pm


1 hour 30 minutes


  • Necessary equipment
  • Accident insurance